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EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children
Complex Trauma, Attachment, and Dissociation
by Ana Gomez
Paperback Book (368 Pages)
July 2012
"Over the past 15 years Ms. Gomez has developed highly original and brilliant interventions for working with these very difficult to treat children This book will be an enormous great gift to our field."

Dr. Susan Coates
Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Columbia University

This is the first book to provide practical step-by-step strategies for clinicians working with children with severe dysregulation of the affective system using EMDR and creative adjunct approaches. Written by an author internationally known for her innovative work with children, it also addresses the theoretical and conceptual framework for case conceptualization and EMDR clinical practice with children, and covers key elements to develop case conceptualization skills and treatment plans based on the AIP model.

The text integrates concepts from attachment theory, affect regulation theory, ego state therapy, and interpersonal neurobiology and provides assessment strategies and methods to explore and identify dissociative experiences in children. It includes tools to help children understand dissociation and maintain present awareness during the different phases of the EMDR protocol. Adhering to the AIP model and 8-phase EMDR protocol, the author provides developmentally appropriate interweaves, a step-by-step presentation of EMDR and ego state strategies, plus specific and effective play therapy and somatic interventions. Case studies illustrate phases of the AIP model. Unique to this approach is its applicability for use in community mental health agencies as well as for use in individual practice. This program can make EMDR time and cost effective for agencies treating children with complex trauma. The book includes workbooks for caregivers and clients that can be used individually or within a group setting.

Key Features:

•Provides practical, step-by-step information about the use of EMDR with child complex trauma
•Includes new, creative protocols created by the author that are effective with difficult-to-treat children
•Offers successful strategies supported by current research
•Incorporates adjunct approaches while maintaining fidelity to the AIP model and the EMDR standard protocol
•Accessible to experienced and newly trained EMDR clinicians
•Contains an innovative psycho-educational program for community mental health agencies and clinicians in private practice




1. EMDR Therapy, the Adaptive Information Processing Model, and Complex Trauma

2. Phase One: Client History and Treatment Planning

3. Phase Two: Preparation

4. The Skill-Building Phase and EMDR Games

5. Working With Parents and the Family System: The AIP Model and

6. Assessing and Diagnosing Dissociation in Children: Beginning the Recovery

7. Advanced Preparation Strategies for Dissociative Children

8. Phase Four: Assessment

9. Phase Five: Desensitization

10. Installation, Body Scan, Closure, Reevaluation, and the Future Template

11. EMDR Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy With Children

12. Using EMDR Therapy and Theraplay

13. EMDR Therapy and the Use of Internal Family Systems Strategies With Children


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