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Physiology and Pathophysiology
by Florian Lang, Michael Föller
Hardback Book (452 Pages)
September 2012
The book covers the functional significance and properties of erythrocytes, their generation, senescence, and suicidal death. It further summarizes knowledge about hormones influencing erythrocyte formation including erythropoietin as well as disorders affecting and involving erythrocytes such as anemia, malaria, and sepsis.

This seminal work forms a unique reference on the most abundant cell type in mammals and will be an invaluable resource for students in the life sciences.

Readership: Students and undergraduates in biology, researchers and professionals involved in clinical hematology, malaria or any erythrocyte related research.
•Functional Significance of Erythrocytes
•Properties of Erythrocytes
•Generation of Erythrocytes
•Erythrocyte Death
•Hormones Regulating Erythrocyte Generation and Survival
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