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A Manual for Current Therapies in Regenerative Medicine
by Jan-Thorsten Schantz
Manuals in Biomedical Research
Hardback Book (450 Pages)
July 2013
The emerging field of regenerative medicine has led to a paradigm shift in therapeutic procedures. Scientific discovery in stem cell biology and material sciences, as well as in genetics have resulted in clinical concepts that focus on regeneration rather than repair. Also, translational research provided mankind with therapeutic tools to grow complex tissues and organs for transplantation into patients. These new technologies not only benefited patients but they also have significant socioeconomic potential. This manual aims to provide an overview on a variety of clinically applied strategies in the current field of regenerative medicine, and it also contains concise key data for a rapidly growing industry. As such, both patients and doctors will find the information contained within this manual to be useful and relevant. The editors are both international leaders in the field of regenerative medicine, and both possess a broad spectrum of experience from basic research to clinical application and commercialization.
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