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Children with Multiple Mental Health Challenges
An Integrated Approach to Intervention
by Sarah Landy, Ph.D., C.Psych; Susan Bradley, M.D., FRCP (C)
Paperback Book (576 Pages)
October 2013
Mental health practitioners who work with children are often confronted with complex, difficult-to-treat mental health issues that do not respond to conventional methods of psychotherapy. These children have a web of multiple impairments that are comprised not just of emotional and behavioral issues, but also learning and other cognitive disorders.Children With Multiple Mental Health Challenges presents an innovative, evidence-based approach to understanding and treating this difficult population that integrates the child's development and functioning into diagnosis and treatment. It does not rely on diagnostic categories alone, but explores the functioning of children in several dimensions of development and considers multiple levels of influence.

The book builds on an individualized, integrated approach to present a variety of evidence-based strategies for working with children with multiple challenges. It considers children from preschool age to adolescence with a number of severe difficulties. These may include extreme aggression, oppositional defiant behavior, significant anxiety and depression, cognitive and academic challenges, delays in speech and language, problems with attention and concentration, sensory integration problems, and unresolved trauma. The treatment strategies included can be used by various specialists within the intervention team, as well as by parents and teachers.
Key Features:
•Presents an innovative approach to working with children with multiple disorders, often the most challenging cases for clinicians
•Moves beyond standard "recipes" for treatment planning to encompass developmental (including social and biological factors) and functional aspects of working with children
•Includes case studies as well as detailed treatment plans
•Offers treatment strategies that can be used by the intervention team, teachers and parents
SECTION 1: A Developmental, Dimensional and Functional Model for Assessing and Treating Children with Multiple Mental Health Challenges

Chapter 1: An individualized Approach to Preventing and Treating Various Disorders of Childhood.

Chapter 2: Overview of Screening and Assessment Within Various Areas of Functioning

SECTION 2: Understanding and Treating Children with Multiple Mental Health Challenges

Chapter 3: Difficulties and Disorders of Motor Development and Sensory Processing (Evelyn Sim)

Chapter 4: Language and Communication Impairment and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children (Rochelle Moukine)

Chapter 5: Difficulties and Disorders of the Effects of Trauma

Chapter 6: Difficulties and Disorders of Emotion Regulation

Chapter 7: Difficulties and Disorders of Behavior Regulation and the Development of a Conscience

Chapter 8: Difficulties and Disorders of Executive Functioning

Chapter 9: Difficulties and Disorders of Attachment and Social Development

Chapter 10: Children with Multiple Mental Health Challenges: The Model for an Integrative Approach to Treatment

SECTION 3: Working within the Contexts Affecting the Child and New Areas of Possibility

Chapter 11: Working with Parents

Chapter 12: A Developmental, Dimensional, and Functional Approach to School-Based Mental Health Services (Claudia Koshinsky Clipsham)

Chapter 13: Conclusions, Prevention and Early Intervention
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