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Gout - answers at your Fingertips, 2nd Edition
by L Gail Darlington, Elizabeth A Carrey, David Perrett
At your Fingertips
Paperback Book
January 2013
Gout is an inflammatory arthritic condition, which is becoming increasingly common in both men and women. Characterised by painful, red, swollen joints, gout can occur in acute, intermittent attacks or it can develop into a progressive, crippling chronic disease. Attacks are typically brought on by overconsumption of purine-rich foods and drinks, such as liver, seafood and beer, medications for high blood pressure, being overweight, major surgery, and other medical conditions such as diabetes. Importantly, gout symptoms can be associated with some rare disorders in children and young adults.

Gout: Answers at your Fingertips contains:
•Medically accurate and easy-to-understand answers to 176 real questions from people of all ages
•Answers to your questions on every aspect of living with gout: from diet and lifestyle to jobs, holidays and other people’s attitudes
•Information on the causes of gout and advice on the best ways to treat it and reduce chronic symptoms

Sample questions from the book:
•What causes the swelling and pain in a gouty attack?
•I don’t drink heavily or over-eat, so I don’t understand why I have an attack of gout.
•Why do the painful attacks of gouty arthritis come and go?
•My daughter, in her twenties, has had an attack of gouty arthritis. I thought gout only affected middle-aged men?
•Are there symptoms I ought to look out for as an early warning of acute attacks?
•How can I find a podiatrist who specializes in gouty feet?
•Am I likely to have another attack if I stop taking the drugs my doctor prescribed?
•Are there any special drugs to treat the pain of gout?
•My GP has put me on anti-inflammatory drugs. How long do I need to be on them?
•If I take uricosuric drugs, will they affect any other medicine I may be taking?
•The doctor has put me on allopurinol. How long will I have to take it?
•Can I drink beer again now that I am taking allopurinol?
•Can you give me a list of the foods I shouldn’t eat?
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