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50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging
by Abdullah A. Shaikh MD, Syed M. Hussain MD MRCS, David J. Desilets MD PhD, Tara M. Catanzano MD
Hardback Book (154 Pages)
December 2012
Medical students and junior doctors are an integral part of the healthcare system. On an academic gastroenterology service, they often initially evaluate the patients that are then staffed by the consulting physician. Like all clinical specialties, the acquisition of medical knowledge is required to gain expertise. There are several resources such as textbooks and evidence-based articles that are available for this purpose. Inspired from patient care, this book offers a fresh approach to clinical teaching.

50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging is a different kind of book. It encompasses a gamut of cases for which gastroenterologists are commonly consulted for in the hospital and outpatient setting. Each case is presented from initial history and work-up including imaging (various modalities including endoscopy), followed by a brief discussion on management. Questions are presented to the reader in each case followed by an answer. Since each case is unique, the pertinent teaching points are tested in a question format within the case narrative. Similar to reallife scenarios, this helps the reader to retain the most important information.

Why buy this book? Unlike listing facts as most review books do, teaching points are integrated into realistic clinical cases. Medical students to residents/registrars in internal medicine, emergency medicine, GI medicine, radiology and surgery would benefit from this book alike. Secondary audiences will include nurses and general practitioners who want to understand the presentation of common GI cases and associated imaging. Moreover, it could also be potentially used as a training tool – a valuable educational resource for senior colleagues who enjoy teaching. Finally, this book would make an excellent prerequisite prior to starting any gastroenterology rotation.
Shock bowel
Case 11 Duodenal lipoma
Case 12 Zenker’s diverticulum
Case 13 Esophageal spasm
Case 14 Familial Mediterranean fever
Case 15 Porcelain gallbladder
Case 16 Acute cholecystitis
Case 17 Epiploic appendagitis
Case 18 Crohn’s colitis
Case 19 Small-bowel intussusception
Case 20 Achalasia
Case 21 Ulcerative colitis
Case 22 Carcinoid syndrome
Case 23 Peptic ulcer disease
Case 24 Bile leak
Case 25 Mirizzi syndrome
Case 26 Esophageal varices
Case 27 Alcoholic hepatitis
Case 28 Celiac disease
Case 29 Pyogenic liver abscess
Case 30 Bilomas and biliary stricturing
Case 31 Diverticulitis
Case 32 Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm
Case 33 Hepatocellular carcinoma
Case 34 Portal vein thrombus
Case 35 Gastric cancer
Case 36 Radiation proctitis
Case 37 Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
Case 38 Hepatitis B virus infection
Case 39 Toxic megacolon
Case 40 Ischemic colitis
Case 41 Liver hemangioma
Case 42 Gastroparesis
Case 43 Primary sclerosing cholangitis
Case 44 Primary biliary cirrhosis
Case 45 Pancreatic head cancer
Case 46 Hepatic steatosis
Case 47 Small-bowel obstruction
Case 48 Esophagitis
Case 49 Esophageal cancer
Case 50 Pancreatic pseudocyst
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