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Multiple Sclerosis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
by Ruth Dobson, Gavin Giovannoni
Visual Guide for Clinicians
Hardback Book (88 Pages)
November 2012
Reviewing recent literature and selecting images from their own collections the authors of this visual guide provide a concise overview of recent developments in the management of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is the most common non-traumatic cause of progressive neurological dysfunction. While the long-term outlook remains difficult, there are new therapeutic developments available to improve the quality of life of patients. These must be assessed and reproducible outcome measures are required. People with MS have multiple sites of neurological involvement, variable clinical presentations, an often unpredictable but ultimately progressive course, and changing patterns of need over time. These are best managed by a multi-disciplinary team, including a physician skilled in symptomatic management.

• Highly illustrated review of latest developments • Original images invaluable for learning, reference and teaching • Invaluable update for multidisciplinary clinical team managing patients with MS
1. Diagnosing multiple sclerosis
R Dobson, A Davis, B Turner
2. Epidemiology of multiple sclerosis
A Handel, S Ramagopalan
3. MRI in multiple sclerosis
K Schmierer
4. Neurophysiology in multiple sclerosis
M Baker, C Blomberg
5. Multiple sclerosis differential diagnosis and mimics
G Elrington
6. Pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis
Part 1: Human. S Amor, P van der Valk
Part 2: Animal models. D Baker, S Al-Izki, K Lidster
7. Treatment issues in multiple sclerosis
M Marta, M Papachatzaki
8. Clinical outcome measures in multiple sclerosis
R Dobson, B Turner
9. Neurorehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
A Neligan, J Buttell, C Liu
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