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Therapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer
Therapeutic Strategies
by George W. Sledge, Jr., José Baselga
Hardback Book (128 Pages)
March 2013
This new volume updates the reader on selected areas of targeted therapy in breast cancer, with special emphasis on chemoprevention strategies, drug resistance, biomarkers, combination chemotherapy, angiogenesis inhibition and pharmacogenomics in the context of clinical efficacy. This selected review of targeted therapies will guide the reader on effective treatment as part of an integrated programme of patient management.

· In-depth review of available targeted therapies, covering the main breast cancer subtypes · Addresses possible future development in combination therapies and the role of pharmacogenetics · Appraises current thinking in relation to clinical practice
1. Introduction – The new biology of breast cancer & its therapeutic implications, G.W. Sledge, Jr.

2. Biomarkers for targeted therapy in breast cancer – the role of the pathologist, S. Badve, Y. Gökmen-Polar

3. Chemoprevention of breast cancer, D.L. Wickerham

4. Therapy of HER-2 positive breast cancer, A. Bardia, J. Baselga

5. Chemotherapy as targeted therapy, R. Audet, C. Shen, R. Duchnowska, S. Willis, G.W. Sledge, Jr., B. Leyland-Jones

6. Antiangiogenic therapy for breast cancer, G.W. Sledge, Jr.
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