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ABC of Cancer Care
by Carlo Palmieri, Richard Simcock, Esther Bird
Paperback Book (102 Pages)
August 2013
Cancer care is multidisciplinary, and takes place in both primary and secondary care. There is a need for a book to provide coverage of the diagnosis, management, treatment and ongoing surveillance of common cancers within the multidisciplinary context of primary care.
Each year there are around 12.7 million new cancer cases worldwide each year. The most common cancers are breast, lung, bowel and prostate.
The ABC of Cancer Care will give the reader a solid basis of understanding of the common modalities of cancer care, indications, benefits and common toxicities. Readers will be able to inform their patient, manage and recognize the common complications of the disease and its treatment, as well as understand the rationale and implications of treatments initiated in secondary and tertiary care.
• A new addition to the popular, reader-friendly, full colour ABC series.
• Gives a solid basis for the understanding of the common modalities of cancer care, indications and toxicities.
• Highly illustrated in full colour.
• Written by a multidisciplinary contributor team.
List of Contributors


1 Multidisciplinary Care
Richard Simcock

2 Cancer Imaging
Guy Burkill and Adrian Lim

3 Surgery
Daniel Richard Leff and Richard Simcock

4 Surgery for metastatic disease
Timothy W.R. Briggs, Elizabeth J. Gillott, and Lewis W. Thorne

5 Cheomotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer
Catherine Harper-Wynne and Cathy Kelly

6 Toxicity of Chemotherapy
Sacha Howell, Alison Jones and Colin James

7 Radiotherapy
Alastair Thompson and Mark Beresford

8 Toxicity of Radiotherapy
Russell Burcombe, Jonathan Hicks and Richard Simcock

9 Endocrine Therapy
Carlo Palmieri, Matt Flook and Duncan Gilbert

10 Biological and Targeted Therapies
Ruth E. Board, Jennifer W. Pang, Carlo Palmieri and Suzy Cleator

11 Trials in Cancer Care
Evandro de Azambuja, David Cameron and Janet Brown

12 Oncological Emergencies
Mohammed Rizwanullah and Thomas E. Newsom-Davis

13 Cancer in the Elderly
Alistair Ring and Juliet Wright

14 Nutrition and cancer care
Mhairi Donald

15 Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Richard Simcock and Sarah Cavilla

16 Nursing Care, Advocacy and Support
Clare Sullivan, Beverley Longhurst, Amelia Cook and Elizabeth Bowman

17 Cancer Survivorship
Esther Bird, Amy Guppy and Carlo Palmieri

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