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Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Practice
Hardback Book (288 Pages)
January 2014

Provide expert advice on cosmeceuticals and integrate them into your cosmetic practice

Patients look to you for expert advice on topical skin care product, and cosmeceuticals are an important innovation. They want to know which products will work best for them. But new products seem to appear almost daily. How can you provide your patients with effective advice on how and when to use cosmeceuticals?

In Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Practice, Dr Farris has invited leading experts, including cosmetic
chemists, researchers and cosmetic dermatologists, to provide these answers. Together they have analysed and synthesized the evidence and combined it with their experience to provide you with best-practice advice on the most effective way to apply cosmeceuticals in your everyday practice.

This book explains:

• How cosmeceutical products are developed, tested and how they work

• The most up-to-date key ingredients such as:

Vitamin antioxidants
Growth factors
Stem cells
• How to use cosmeceuticals in practice

Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Practice shows you how to improve the health and appearance of your patients’ skin.

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vii

Preface, xi

1 Cosmeceuticals and Clinical Practice, 1
Patricia K. Farris

Part I Development, Formulation and Evaluation of Cosmeceuticals, 9

2 Bench to Beauty Counter: Development of Cosmeceuticals, 11
Alexandra Kowcz, Guenther Schneider, Wolfgang Pape, and Teresa M. Weber

3 Evaluating Cosmeceuticals, 23
David H. McDaniel, Christina Steel, and Chris Mazur

4 Modalities for Increasing Penetration, 37
Zoe Diana Draelos

5 Nanopharmaceuticals and Nanocosmeceuticals, 45
Adnan Nasir

6 Cutaneous Barrier Function, Moisturizer Effects and Formulation, 55
Dee Anna Glaser and Adam R. Mattox

Part II Cosmeceutical Ingredients, 67

7 Cosmeceutical Uses and Benefits of Alpha, Poly and Bionic Hydroxy Acids, 69
Barbara A. Green

8 Vitamin A: Retinoids and the Treatment of Aging Skin, 81
Dana L. Sachs and John J. Voorhees

9 Vitamin C Cosmeceuticals, 94
Marianne N. O’Donoghue and Patricia K. Farris

10 Niacinamide: A Topical Vitamin with Wide-Ranging Skin Appearance Benefits, 103
Diane S. Berson, John E. Oblong, Rosemarie Osborne, Tomohiro Hakozaki, Mary B. Johnson, and Donald L. Bissett

11 Innovative Botanicals, 113
Jennifer David, Candrice R. Heath, and Susan Taylor

12 Green Tea Extract, 122
Neil Houston and Alexa Boer Kimball

13 Soy and Oatmeal-Based Cosmeceuticals, 133
Jason Emer and Heidi A. Waldorf

14 Bioactive Peptides, 142
Katie Rodan, Kathy Fields, and Timothy Falla

15 Growth Factors in Cosmeceuticals, 153
Sabrina G. Fabi and Hema Sundaram

16 Resveratrol and Synthetic Sirtuin Activators, 165
Patricia K. Farris

17 Skin Aging, Glycation and Glycation Inhibitors, 173
Patricia K. Farris

18 Essential Ions and Bioelectricity in Skin Care, 184
Ying Sun, Elizabeth Bruning, Susan H. Weinkle, and Samantha Tucker-Samaras

19 Stem Cell Cosmeceuticals, 192
Mark V. Dahl

20 Cosmeceutical Applications from Marine Organisms, 200
Sung-Hwan Eom and Se-Kwon Kim

Part III Practical Applications for Cosmeceuticals, 209

21 Cosmeceuticals for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris, 211
Joshua A. Zeichner

22 Cosmeceutical Skin Lighteners, 218
Marta I. Rendon, Yvette Vazquez, and Suzanne Micciantuono

23 Cosmeceuticals for Treating Cellulite, 226
Doris Hexsel and Camile L. Hexsel

24 Cosmeceuticals for Hair Loss and Hair Care, 234
Nicole E. Rogers

25 Cosmeceuticals for Treating and Preventing Scars, 245
Ellen Marmur and Katherine Nolan

26 Sun Protection and Self-Tanners, 252
Darrell S. Rigel

27 Cosmeceuticals for Rosacea and Facial Redness, 261
Doris Day

28 Cosmeceuticals for Enhancing Cosmetic Procedures, 268
Mary Lupo and Leah Jacob

29 The Future of Cosmeceuticals, 277
Patricia K. Farris

Index, 283
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