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ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine
by Tim Nutbeam (Editor), Matthew Boylan (Editor)
Paperback Book (230 Pages)
September 2013
This brand new title in the ABC series provides a comprehensive overview of pre-hospital medicine, including transport, patient assessment, emergency care systems, and pre-hospital interventions.
With pre-hospital care being the start of the "trauma chain", the treatment patients receive on-scene as well as en-route can be life-saving, and this new title is invaluabe for all staff involved in emergency and pre-hospital medicine.
Contributor list



1 Activation & Deployment of Pre-hospital Services
Andy Thurgood and Matthew Boylan

2 Scene safety and assessment
Vic Calland and Pete Williams

3 Motor Vehicle Collision Extrication
Malcolm Q. Russell

4 Personal Protective Equipment
C Bosanko

5 Monitoring in Prehospital Care
Tim Harris & Peter Shirley

6 The Role of Pre-hospital Ultrasound
Tim Harris, Adam Bystrzycki & Stefan Mazur

7 The Primary Survey
Tim Nutbeam and Matt Boylan

8 Airway Assessment & Management
Marten Sandberg and Matthew Boylan

9 Breathing Assessment & Management
Marten Sandberg and Matthew Boylan

10 Circulation management
R.J. Dawes and Matthew Boylan

11 Analgesia And Procedural Sedation
Jon Hulme

12 Emergency Anaesthesia
Tim Hooper and David Lockey

13 Cardiac Arrest and End of Life Decisions
Walter Kloeck, Efraim Kramer, Martin Botha and David Kloeck

14 Head Injury
Jeremy Henning

15 Spinal Injuries
Lucas A. Myers,Christopher S. Russi, Matthew Boylan and Tim Nutbeam

16 Abdominal Trauma
Keith Roberts

17 Pelvic Trauma
Matthew O’Meara, Keith Porter, Tim Nutbeam and Matt Boylan

18 Extremity Traumaa
Matthew O’Meara, Keith Porter, Tim Nutbeam and Matt Boylan

19 Management of burns

20 Crush Syndrome & Suspension Trauma
Jason van der Velde

21 Ballistic & Blast Trauma
Matthew Boylan

22 Medical Emergencies
Adam Low and Tim Nutbeam

23 Environmental Injuries
Peter Aitken, Mark Little, Ian Norton, Andrew Pearce

24 Environmental Emergencies - High Altitude Illness
Harvey Pynn

25 Drowning, Near Drowning and Immersion Syndrome
Tim Nutbeam

26 Diving incidents
Tudor A. Codreanu

27 Pregnancy and Childbirth
K. Manley, T. Appleyard and T. Draycott

28 Prehospital Management Of The Paediatric Patient
Fiona Jewkes

29 The Elderly Patient
Tim Nutbeam

30 Prehospital Management of the Bariatric Patient
Lynn Gerber Smith,Suzanne Sherwood, Anna Fergusson and Dennis Jones

31 Retrieval and Transport
Peter Aitken, Mark Elcock, Neil Ballard and Matt Hooper

32 Mass Gatherings
Lee Wallis and Waybe Smith

33 Mass Casualty
Damian Keene, Tim Nutbeam and Claire Scanlon

34 Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Incidents
Christopher A. Khan, Kristi L. Kpenig and Matthew Boylan

35 Clinical Governance
Assiah Mahmood and Rod Mackenzie

36 Medicolegal & ethical
Craig M. Klugman and Jennifer Bard

37 Research and Future Development
Suzanne Mason & A. Niroshan Siriwardena

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