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10-Minute Consultation ARRYTHMIAS
by C Arden, M Fay, A Griffiths, G Lip
Book (96 Pages)
September 2014

The 10-minute consultation: arrhythmias outlines how irregular heartbeats are identified and treated in clinical practice, using appropriate models of care and evidence-based management, to maximize the potential of the '10-minute consultation'
Table of contents

1. Introduction

Definition and classification

What is the prevalence of arrhythmias?

What are the risk factors for AF?

What is the likely course of disease?

What are the pathological consequences of arrhythmias?

2. Who and what to test

Screening and case finding

Initial assessment and management pathway

Risk factors for stroke and thromboembolism

3. How to manage the patient with an arrhythmia

Who to treat?

How to treat: rate vs rhythm control

What drugs are available to treat arrhythmias?

Non-drug treatment

How to manage co-morbidities and complications?

4. Person-centred care

Self-monitoring and -management

Are any treatments particularly appropriate?

5. Applying the evidence

What are the implications of the international best-practice guidelines for GPs?

Selected landmark studies

What are the GP prescribing options for tackling arrhythmias in primary care: a summary

When to refer?

6. Review and recall

What ongoing patient care, monitoring and follow-up are necessary?

What roles do other key healthcare professionals have in managing the patient?

What is the role of information technology (IT)?

What is the role of the expert patient?
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