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Fast Facts: Acne, 2nd edn
by Vincenzo Bettoli, Alison M Layton and Diane Thiboutot
Fast Facts
Book (100 Pages)
June 2015
Acne is one of the ten most common diseases worldwide and is the inflammatory skin disease seen most frequently by community physicians and dermatologists. Over the last decade, knowledge of acne pathophysiology and etiologic factors has expanded, resulting in the development of novel treatments that target clinical lesions and improve patient outcomes. However, the vast number of therapeutic options that are now available can pose a challenge to the prescribing clinician selecting the preferred treatment.

Fast Facts: Acne is primarily aimed at family practitioners, nurse prescribers, pharmacists and dermatology trainees. This fully updated edition provides a concise overview of the clinical features of acne, reviews available treatments – including their respective modes of action and potential adverse events – and advises on treatment selection with the implicit goal of minimizing the physical and emotional scarring associated with this challenging disease. It also discusses the use of antibiotics and, given current concerns regarding overprescribing and antibiotic resistance, this highly readable resource is a timely addition to the Fast Facts series.


“This easy to navigate gem is packed full of up-to-date information on how to individualize management for your acne patient … the summaries at the end of each chapter make for great speed reading!”
Dr Jo-Ann See, College Fellow, Australasian College of Dermatologists

“It’s a great go-to resource which presents each section in an easy to read format, perfect for referring back to. … The British Skin Foundation is especially glad to see a section on Future trends and areas of need which details the future research needed in antibiotic resistance.”
The British Skin Foundation

“An excellent, comprehensive, well-illustrated and practical management approach to a common and problematic skin disorder. … As a consultant dermatologist with an interest in medical dermatology I found this book to be a very helpful resource in my daily clinical practice."
Dr Shikha Gupta, Secretary, British Society for Medical Dermatology

“An easy-to-read resource, particularly useful for the general practitioner, explaining management and outlining when referral to a dermatologist should be undertaken."
Dr Amanda Oakley, Website Manager and Chief Editor, DermNet NZ

“This is an authoritative, comprehensive and very readable review of best practice from three of the world’s most highly regarded opinions. I strongly recommend it to my colleagues, especially those working in primary care.”
Dr George Moncrieff, Chair, The Dermatology Council for England

Pathophysiology, etiology and modifying factors
Psychosocial aspects
Topical therapy
Oral Therapy
Physical treatments for acne and scarring
Acne care pathway
Future trends and areas of need
Acknowledgements and useful resources
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