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Type 1 Diabetes: Answers at your Fingertips
by Dr Charles Fox, Dr Anne Kilvert
July 2014
A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes can be extremely distressing for any young person and his or her family. People with Type 1 diabetes usually develop symptoms quite rapidly and require regular treatment with insulin. The positive news is that with good control the long-term risks can be avoided. Medication, exercise and diet are all important in maintaining good glucose control and a healthy lifestyle.

This practical handbook makes it easy to learn more about Type 1 diabetes, and contains plenty for both the newly diagnosed and the experienced patient. The authors comprehensively answer over 410 questions about every aspect of living with the condition, and their constructive approach will give you all the knowledge you need to deal confidently with your diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes: Answers at your fingertips gives you:

Up-to-date information on all the available - and forthcoming - medical treatments
Advice on how to achieve the best possible control of your diabetes, working around your daily routine
Answers to dozens of practical questions about lifestyle, work and holidays
Guidance on healthy eating, exercise and complementary therapies

Questions answered include:
Why have I got diabetes?
My father had Type 1 diabetes. Am I likely to get it too?
My 11-year-old son suddenly became very thirsty and was diagnosed with diabetes. What is the cause of the thirst?
I have had Type 1 diabetes for four years and am about to leave school. I don’t eat a lot but cannot lose weight. Why is this?
If I keep to a good diet, why do I need to exercise as well?
Do you think that complementary or alternative medicine can help people with diabetes?
I have recently heard that human insulin can be dangerous, although I’ve taken it for several years. Should I be worried?
Is my insulin requirement likely to vary at different times of the year because of the weather?
My diabetes is well controlled. Should I be thinking of buying a pump?
I have been told that as I take insulin I need to eat a bedtime snack. Is this true?
I am an eighteen year old on insulin. When my glucose is high I do not feel any ill-effects. Does it really matter what my sugar-level is?
I have recently started testing my blood sugar levels but my results do not compare well with the clinic results. What is the reason for this?
What is brittle diabetes and what treatment does it require?
Can I take part in all or any forms of sport?
As a Muslim I wish to fast during Ramadan. Is this possible?
I have recently got married and my wife and I are keen to start a family. Are people with diabetes more likely to be infertile?
Why must I ensure my diabetes control is perfect during pregnancy?
My ten-year-old son has just been diagnosed with diabetes. What is the best age for him to start doing his own injections?
Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 What is diabetes?
Part 3 Diet and lifestyle
Part 4 Treatment with insulin
Part 5 Monitoring and control
Part 6 Life with diabetes
Part 7 Sex, contraception and HRT
Part 8 Pregnancy
Part 9 Diabetes in the young
Part 10 Long-term complications
Part 11 Research and the future
Part 12 Self-help groups
Part 13 Emergencies
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