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Eczema: Answers at your Fingertips
by Dr Tim Mitchell, Alison Hepplewhite
Answers at your Fingertips
July 2014
Eczema is an itching skin condition that can be difficult to deal with without the right treatment or advice. This new handbook will guide you through the maze of old wives' tales, unscientific advice and outdated treatments. With practical and medically accurate answers to hundreds of questions on every aspect of living with the condition, it will help you find ways to manage your own eczema - or that of your child - to fit in with your lifestyle and activities.

Positive, practical advice on every aspect of living with eczema
Medically accurate and easy to understand answers to over 250 questions from people with eczema and their families
Hints and tips from the expert authors on practical ways to help yourself plus information specifically tailored for your child, and how your child can help
Complete guidance on complementary therapies, their benefits and limitations, and the role they can play in treating eczema
Details of organisations, helplines and websites for advice, products and help-groups
Questions answered in the book include:
What is atopic eczema?
I want to find out exactly what is causing my son's eczema. How can I get him tested?
My daughter's eczema is raw and weepy. Does this mean that it is infected?
Can you give me some advice about diet and eczema?
What is the difference between a moisturiser and an emollient?
Can steroids be used on broken skin?
There are lots of bedding products on the market at the moment. Can you tell me which is the best one to use?
Can you recommend a vacuum cleaner that will get rid of house dust mites?
My eczema is very wet. What is the best way to treat it?
Is tacromilus better than steroids?
I have been offered narrow-band UVB treatment. What does this mean?
How do I choose a safe complementary practitioner?
Does stress make my eczema worse?
Should the school or my son keep the creams when he is at school?
My teenage son still has eczema and has begun to develop acne. Does he need to change his eczema treatment?
Would it be dangerous to become pregnant while on eczema medication?
I haven't been able to get specific benefits and find it difficult to cope with the expense of special bedding and extra laundry. Is there any way of getting help?
Is there any advice on washing clothes?

"I think the book is very good and answers the questions in a simple and easy-to-understand way"
Sue Ward, Information & Education Manager, National Eczema Society

About the Authors:
Dr Tim Mitchell MBCHB, DRCOG, DPD is a GP at Montpelier Health Centre in Bristol, with a special interest in dermatology. He is a founder member and former Secretary if the Primary Care Dermatology Society and an adviser to the Associate Parliamentary Group on Skin.

Alison Hepplewhite RGN, BSc (Hons) is a Dermatology Specialist Nurse based at St. George Health Centre, Bristol. She has worked in the field of dermatology for the past eleven years, running nurse-led clinics and providing day treatment and phototherapy services for patients with eczema.
Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 What is eczema?
Part 3 What causes eczema?
Part 4 Complications and what can make eczema worse
Part 5 First-line treatment
Part 6 Second-line treatment
Part 7 Complementary therapies
Part 8 Feelings, family and friends
Part 9 School
Part 10 Social life and holidays
Part 11 Eczema through the ages
Part 12 Practical concerns
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