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Anatomy for problem solving in sports medicine: The Back
by Philip F Harris MD, MSc, MB ChB, Craig Ranson BSc
Book (76 Pages)
September 2015
When examining patients with sports-related and exercise-related injuries, a thorough knowledge of anatomy is vital in order to make an accurate diagnosis and work out an effective treatment plan. In this helpful, practical book, a professional anatomist and a sports physiotherapist have combined their expertise to give a detailed explanation of the structural and functional anatomy of the back. The book includes descriptions and images of the relevant anatomy, and sample clinical problems (with model answers) throughout.

Although each problem is different, practitioners will always follow a similar pattern in arriving at a differential diagnosis. In every case, four main areas need to be covered: the type of sport; the clinical history; physical assessment; and appropriate investigations. By taking a logical, step-by-step approach to solving clinical problems, this book offers a valuable resource for the wide range of health professionals who manage back problems and injuries.
Contents include:
Posture and curvatures
Vertebrae Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
Spinal joints
Anatomical factors influencing spinal nerve compression by intervertebral discs
Movements of the head and spine
Spinal cord, meninges and spinal nerves
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