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Endoscopic Ultrasonography, 3rd Edition
by Frank G. Gress (Editor), Thomas J. Savides (Editor)
March 2016

Year on year, there continue to be dramatic changes in endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) since it was first introduced 30 years ago. Advances in technology have meant that as well as being used in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders, EUS is now one of the primary diagnostic and therapeutic modalities used in GI endoscopy.

Back and improved for a new edition, Endoscopic Ultrasonography is the market-leading book covering the topic. Written by leading experts in the field, it provides a technical how-to approach to learning this advanced endoscopic procedure. The highly-acclaimed authors provide step-by-step guidance to the fundamentals of EUS, giving clear instructions on the instruments involved, the correct sedation procedures to follow and how EUS should be performed safely and effectively.

Every chapter discusses a specific aspect of EUS as it relates to a particular gastrointestinal disorder or organ system. Brand new to this edition are:

1) Seven new chapters on the hottest topics in EUS: Learning Anatomy for EUS; Elastography; Lung Cancer; Autoimmune Pancreatitis; EUS for Liver Disease; Biliary Access; Pancreatic Fluid Collection Drainage

2) A complete update of all previous chapters to reflect the most current clinical recommendations

3) A host of new color images in every chapter

Endoscopic Ultrasonography 3rd edition is the ideal tool to consult to improve EUS skills and improve patient management, and an essential purchase for all gastroenterologists and endoscopists.
Table of Contents

List of contributors, vii

Preface, ix

Acknowledgments, xi

1 Endoscopic ultrasonography at the beginning: a personal history 1
Michael V. Sivak, Jr.

2 Basic principles and fundamentals of EUS imaging 5
Joo Ha HwangandMichael B. Kimmey

3 Learning EUS anatomy 15
John C. Deutsch

4 EUS instruments, room setup, and assistants 27
Pushpak Taunk and Brian C. Jacobson

5 EUS procedure: consent and sedation 34
Pavlos Kaimakliotis and Michael Kochman

6 The EUS report 40
Jose G. de la Mora-Levy and Michael J. Levy

7 Radial EUS: normal anatomy 47
Manuel Berzosa and Michael B.Wallace

8 Linear-array EUS: normal anatomy 54
James T. Sing, Jr.

9 EUS elastography 61
Julio Iglesias Garcia, Jose Lariño-Noia and J. Enrique Dominguez Muñoz

10 Fundamentals of EUS FNA 72
Larissa L. Fujii, Michael J. Levy and Maurits J.Wiersema

11 EUS FNA cytology: material preparation and interpretation 82
Cynthia Behling

12 High-frequency ultrasound probes 88
Nidhi Singh, Alberto Herreros-Tejada and IrvingWaxman

13 EUS: applications in the mediastinum 95
David H. Robbins

14 EBUS and EUS for lung cancer diagnosis and staging 102
L.M.M.J. Crombag, P.F. Clementsen and J.T. Annema

15 EUS for esophageal cancer 116
Imad Elkhatib and SyedM. Abbas Fehmi

16 EUS of the stomach and duodenum 123
Sarah A. Rodriguez and Douglas O. Faigel

17 Gastrointestinal subepithelial masses 138
Raymond S. TangandThomas J. Savides

18 EUS for the diagnosis and staging of solid pancreatic neoplasms 151
Brooke Glessing and Shawn Mallery

19 EUS for pancreatic cysts 172
John Scherer and Kevin McGrath

20 The role of EUS in inflammatory diseases of the pancreas 182
Amy Tyberg and Shireen Pais

21 Autoimmune pancreatitis 193
Larissa L. Fujii, Suresh T. Chari, Thomas C. Smyrk, Naoki Takahashi and Michael J. Levy

22 EUS for biliary diseases 204
Nikola Panic, Fabia Attili and Alberto Larghi

23 EUS in liver disease 217
Emmanuel C. Gorospe and Ferga C. Gleeson

24 Colorectal EUS 225
Manoop S. Bhutani, Brian R. Weston and Pradermchai Kongkam

25 Therapeutic EUS for cancer treatment 239
Kourosh F. Ghassemi and V. Raman Muthusamy

26 EUS-guided biliary access 248
Christine Boumitri, Prashant Kedia and Michel Kahaleh

27 Pancreatic fluid collection drainage 254
Tiing Leong Ang and Stefan Seewald

28 EUS-guided drainage of pelvic fluid collections 261
Jayapal Ramesh, Ji Young Bang and Shyam Varadarajulu

29 EUS hemostasis 267
Everson L.A. Artifon, Fred O.A. Carneiro and DaltonM. Chaves

30 Training in EUS 273
Adam J. Goodman and Frank G. Gress

31 The future of EUS 285
Abdurrahman Kadayifci and William R. Brugge

Index 291
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