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Problem Solving in Oncology
by D O' Donnell, St. James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; M Leahy, Department of Medical Oncology, Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Manch
Problem Solving Series
November 2007
978 1 904392 84 2
This new volume brings together the current thinking in both investigation and management of the cancer patient. It presents a comprehensive caseload as seen by the oncologist. These are common yet challenging real-life patient scenarios, which the authors resolve by drawing on the latest published literature. Each case begins with a few practical questions to stimulate the reader. This is followed by clinical presentation and the reader is led through the logical work-up of a case to reach a diagnosis. An algorithm accompanies most cases to provide a rapid pictorial overview of the clinical steps involved. Essential references are provided. Each of the major areas of cancer is covered, along with pain, management of chemotherapy, and psychological issues. This book provides an up to date reference for the busy practitioner. It will be an essential companion for the oncologist, for the specialist in other areas seeking to improve his understanding of cancer, and for the interested GP.
Oncologists, surgeons, general physicians and trainees for these positions, oncology nurses, clinical scientists, healthcare administrators.
PART I: Chemotherapy
1. Chemotherapy - Response Assessment, C Mitchell
2. Chemotherapy Toxicity - Cisplatin Extravasation,
M Krebs
3. Chemotherapy Toxicity - Delayed Nausea, A Armstrong
4. Chemotherapy Toxicity - Febrile Neutropenia, E Dean
5. Chemotherapy Toxicity - Drug Reaction, M Krebs
6. Growth Factor Support in Chemotherapy, E Dean

PART II: General issues in oncology
7. Unknown Primary - Work up and Treatment,
A Armstrong
8. Large Abdominal Mass, S Baka
9. Ascites in an Elderly Patient, C Yeoh
10. Cancer in Teenagers and Young Adults - Special Issues, A Proctor
11. Spinal Cord Compression, S Jagdev

PART III: Urological cancers
12. Primary Germ Cell Tumours, J Adams
13. Advanced Testicular Cancer, A Protheroe
14. Bladder Cancer, I Karydis
15. Advanced Bladder Cancer, I Karydis
16. Treatment Options in Early Prostate Cancer, J Samol
17. Treatment Options in Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer, J Samol
18. Treatment Options in Relapsing Prostate Cancer, J Samol
19. Treatment Options in Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer, J Samol
20. Screening in Prostate Cancer, J Samol
21. Renal Cell Carcinoma, J Adams
22. Penile Cancer, I Karydis

PART IV: Gastrointestinal cancers
23. Oesophageal Cancer, O Khan
24. Gastric Cancer Chemotherapy, O Khan
25. Pancreatic Cancer, O Khan
26. Management of Colorectal Cancer After Surgery, M Braun
27. Chemotherapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, S Goyle
28. Liver Resection for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, S Fraser, MA Hilal

PART V: Melanoma
29. Management of Primary Melanoma, S Sim
30. Melanoma in Pregnancy, S Sim
31. Medical Management of Metastatic Melanoma,
F Al-Terkait

PART VI: Lung cancer
32. LungCancer - Initial Diagnosis and Work up, E Takeuchi
33. Adjuvant Therapy for Resected NSCLC, C Siller
34. Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, N Rohatgi
35. Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung, J Naik

PART VII: Breast and ovarian cancer
36. Indications for Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer, RO Cearbhaill
37. Management of HER2 - Positive Breast cancer, D Power
38. Advanced Breast Cancer in the Elderly, S Waters
39. Approach to a Breast Cancer Patient with a Positive Family History, F Collinson
40. First-line Treatment of Ovarian Cancer, D Power
41. Chemotherapy for Relapsed Ovarian Cancer, F Collinson
42. Chemo-radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer, RO Cearbhaill

PART VIII: Uncommon cancers
43. GIST - Selection of Patients with Imatinib Therapy, M Krebs
44. Chemo Radiotherapy in Head & Neck Cancer, A Siva
45. Choriocarcinoma, S Darby
46. Merkel Cell Tumour, A Young
47. Brain Tumours, R Prestwich
48. Thymoma, N Vasudev
49. Adrenocortical Cancers - Medical Care, S Baka

PART IX: Psychosocial issues and symptom control
50. Approach to Psychological Aspects of Cancer Care, AM O’Dwyer
51. Breaking Bad News, U Hofmann
52. Social Issues in Cancer Patients, P Wright
53. Pain - A General Approach, L Nicholson
54. Pain Relie - A Special Problem, R Sheils

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