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What It Takes to Thrive
Techniques for Severe Trauma and Stress Recovery
by John Henden UK
Book (208 Pages)
December 2017
This book deals with all aspects of severe trauma and stress recovery. It offers tools and techniques to manage triggers, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts, helping survivors of severe trauma and stress to regain control of their lives.

The techniques and advice described here are organised into six sections: Triggers; Flashbacks; Unwelcome Thoughts; Dealing with the Lows; Disturbed Sleep; and Living Life to the Full: Meaning and Purpose in Life. Readers can refer to each section and experiment with methods that work best for them.

This is a useful guide for survivors of severe trauma and stress, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, welfare workers and volunteers in the field.
The Book's Purpose
How to Use This Handbook
The Term "Survivor"
About the Author
Dealing with "Triggers"
How to Deal with Flashbacks
How to Deal with Unwelcome Thoughts
Dealing with "The Lows"
Dealing with Sleep Disturbance
Living Life to the Full (or, as Full as Possible)
Reassuring Things for Survivors to Know
What Survivors Have Found to be Helpful in This Work
Helpful Questions and Statements from the Worker
The Three Stages: Victim –Survivor–Thriver (Living Life to the Full, or as Full as Possible)
Blocks to Disclosing
How to Avoid Retraumatisation and Revictimisation
Benefits of Doing This Important Work
Two-Day Solution-Focused Workshops on Working with Severe Trauma and Stress
Supporting Research Evidence for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
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