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Insider's Guide to Egg Donation
A Compassionate and Comprehensive Guide For All Parents-to-Be
by Wendie Wilson-Miller, Erika Napoletano
Paperback Book (224 Pages)
April 2012
Each year, over 7.3 million Americans face infertility. In their search for answers and alternative means for building a family, they turn to the nearly 500 reproductive specialty clinics across the US.
Same-sex and single-by-choice parents are more prevalent than ever in the fertility industry and there is no definitive, up-to-date guide to help families of all types approach egg donation. Resources are fragmented, and that's true regardless of your family "type."

Insider's Guide to Egg Donation, is the first how-to-handbook that helps families of all types navigate the less talked about but widely practiced egg donor landscape with a warm and friendly tone, giving those in need of a different kind of stork the answers and information they need as they begin to research family-building options.

The Insider's Guide to Egg Donation Answers:

•What do I need to know about the medical process of using an egg donor?
•What are the latest reproductive medicine technologies that we should know about?
•What should I consider when choosing a fertility clinic?
•How should I evaluate potential egg donor agencies?
1. Egg Donation: The Basics, 2. Filling Your Nest: Considering Ovum Donation, 3. Beyond the Nest-When Hearts and Science Collide, 4. How to Choose a Reproductive Clinic, 5. How to Choose an Egg Donor Agency, 6. Choosing Your Donor: Another View on "Natural Selection", 7. Circling the Nest: The Ovum Donation Cycle, 8. Readying the Nest: Transfer, 9. Leaving the Nest: Recipient Parents, Donors and Honest Questions, 10. Everybody Builds a Different Nest: Issues Facing Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Single Parents, and International Recipients, 11. The Nest of the Future: Emerging Technologies in Reproductive Medicine, Appendices
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