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Alternative Therapies For Epilepsy
by Orrin Devinsky, Steven Schachter, Steven Pacia
Paperback Book (232 Pages)
June 2012
Authored by three distinguished epileptologists, this book provides an evidence-based consideration of the use of Complimentary and Alternative (CAM) therapies in epilepsy care. Organized by problem and divided into three sections, the authors review alternative approaches to epilepsy- related conditions to help physicians, healthcare professionals, CAM providers, and patients understand the options and safely integrate treatments that work into their regimens.
The first section is an introduction to the therapies themselves, including herbal remedies, nutrition, alternative pharmacological therapies, physical treatments, and neurobehavioral approaches, and also discusses medication-related considerations and caveats. Section 2 covers CAM and preventive approaches to mitigating the effects of epilepsy and epilepsy therapies, such as drug toxicity and side effects of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), seizures, enhancing cognitive function, issues for women (pregnancy, breast feeding, menopause), and managing anxiety and depression. The third section focuses on quality of life and lifestyle modifications to reduce seizure risk, including techniques for stress reduction, sleep disturbances and aids to normalize, alcohol and recreational drugs, and environmental factors.

Features of Alternative Therapies in Epilepsy Care Include
•Evidence-based review of CAM therapies for epilepsy
•Problem-oriented, practical approach to integrating alternative treatments into traditional regimens for healthcare providers
•Written by distinguished epileptologists with broad clinical experience
Preface, 1. Alternative Therapies in Epilepsy: An Overview, 2. Herbal Remedies, 3. Nutrition, 4. Alternative Pharmacologic Therapies for Epilepsy, 5. Physical Treatments, 6. Neurobehavioral Approaches, 7. Countering the Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs, Seizures, and,Brain Injury, 8. Women's Issues, 9. Epilepsy: Injury and Prevention, 10. Enhancing Cognition, 11. Managing Anxiety and Depression, 12. Epilepsy and Stress, 13. Stress Management in Epilepsy, 14. Sleep and Seizures, 15. Over-the-Counter Drugs, Alcohol, and Recreational Drugs, 16. Environmental Factors and Epilepsy, Appendix, Index
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