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Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: The Essentials
by Deniz Dayicioglu, Seth R. Thaller, John C. Oeltjen
Hardback Book (350 Pages)
October 2012
This is a concise but comprehensive textbook for plastic surgery residents reviewing for in-service and certifying examinations as well as practicing plastic surgeons preparing for Maintenance of Certification. The book is divided into chapters based on the 24 so-called Index Cases. This will allow a discussion of the procedure prior to embarking on surgery and serve as a basis for the development of a basic fund of knowledge in the specialty of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. Contributors have been selected based on their clinical expertise and academic excellence.
•Core Knowledge and General Principles: ◦Wound Repair (Jason P Ulm and Kevin O Delaney)
◦Grafts and Flaps (Jason P Ulm and Dennis K Schimpf)
◦Anesthetic Implications in Cosmetic Surgery (Gian Paparcuri and Miguel Cobas)
◦Lasers and Aesthetic Devices (Mark S Nestor and Matthew B Zarraga)

•Plastic Surgery Involving the Integument: ◦Benign and Malignant Skin Lesions (Wrood M Kassira)
◦Infantile Hemangioma (Karim W Sadik and Haaris S Mir)
◦Burn Injury and Treatment (Jessica A Ching and C Wayne Cruse)
◦Cleft Lip and Palate: Anatomy, Embryology, and Repair (Kenneth L Fan, Raja Mohan and Seth R Thaller)
◦Essentials in Plastic Surgery Microtia Chapter (Kenneth L Fan, Raja Mohan and Seth R Thaller)
◦Head and Neck Malignancy (David Nesky and Donald Weed)
◦Principles in Facial Injury Management (Patrick Cole and Larry Hollier, Jr)
◦Aesthetic Surgery of the Face: Face Lift (Erick Martell and Alan Matarasso)
◦Eyelid, Cheek, Lip, Nasal, Scalp, Ear Reconstruction (Anuja K Antony, Victor J Hassid and Mimis N Cohen)

•Plastic Surgery of the Upper Extremity: ◦Infectious and Inflammatory Disorders of the Upper Extremity (Joshua M Adkinson and Robert X Murphy, Jr)
◦Compression Neuropathies in the Upper Extremity (Askari Morad)
◦Benign and Malignant Tumors of the Upper Extremity (Sara Yegiyants, Yash Avasha and Zubin J Panthaki)
◦Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hand (Haaris S Mir and Stacy R Henderson)
◦Congenital Hand Anomalies (Sara Yegiyants and Zubin J Panthaki)
◦Upper Extremity Trauma (Deniz Dayicioglu and Derek Ulvila)
◦Dupuytren's Disease (Sara Yegiyants and Zubin J Panthaki)
◦Microsurgery: General Principles (Harvey W-M Chim and Christopher J Salgado)

•Plastic Surgery of the Lower Extremity: ◦Lower Extremity Reconstruction (John R Barbour and Milton B Armstrong)
◦Reduction Mammaplasty, Augmentation Mammaplasty, and Mastopexy (John C Oeltjen)
◦Breast Reconstruction (John C Oeltjen)
◦Aesthetic Body Contouring: Abdominoplasty (Steven Rueda and Seth R Thaller)
◦Aesthetic Body Contouring: Abdominoplasty Body Contouring after Bariatric Surgery (Benjamin Lemelman, Paul G Cofnas and Seth R Thaller)
◦Body Contouring via Suction Lipectomy (Michelle De Souza and Garry Martin II)
◦Abdominal and Thoracic Reconstruction (Umbareen Mahmood and Deniz Dayicioglu)
◦Pressure Ulcers (Jessica S Suber, Rajiv P Parikh and Deniz Dayicioglu)
◦Vascular Anomalies (Harvey Chim and Arun K Gosain)

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