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The Palliative Approach
A resource for healthcare workers
by Dr Erica Cameron-Taylor
Paperback Book (124 Pages)
November 2012
This helpful book offers a simple and commonsense introduction to the care of patients in the generalist setting for whom a palliative approach is deemed appropriate. Many of these patients may be living at home or in care homes, and many may be months or even years away from the terminal phase of illness. With the aid of real-life examples and case studies, this text aims to give a wide range of healthcare professionals an understanding of, and competence in, the provision of holistic, supportive care that is focused on comfort and quality of life.

What is palliative care?

The palliative approach

Care of the elderly and dementia

Old age

Death and dying


Organ failure

Neurodegenerative disorders

Case studies
The rise of chronic disease and the ‘oldest old’

Recognising the dying patient

Medical treatment versus medical care

The good referral

Grief and loss

Caring for the carer

Difficult discussions

The angel at the end of the bed

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