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Applied Biological Psychology
by Glen E. Getz, PhD
Paperback Book (224 Pages)
February 2014 (Expected)
Written for graduate students and trainees in mental health, this is the only text to present neurobiology in the context of clinical issues rather than merely focusing on experimental approaches to biological psychology or structuring it along neurological systems. In clear, easily accessible language the text explains how the brain and nervous system are linked to mental disorders. It integrates information from many aspects of neurobiological research, including imaging, neuropsychology, and genetics in order to foster an in-depth understanding of the psychiatric presentation of disorders that mental health professionals encounter in their practices.

To facilitate student learning and clarify the connection between neurobiological foundations and clinical presentation, the text includes case studies, cognitive data, imaging results, genetic testing results, and illustrations. It examines major psychological disorders from behavioral, emotional, biological, cognitive and neurophysiological perspectives as they relate to brain structure and the major systems. Special topic sections highlight ethical, research, and treatment concerns for mental health practitioners. Each chapter concludes with summations and review questions. Written for graduate level students in clinical, counseling, and school psychology programs, the text fulfills APA accreditation requirements for coursework in the biological bases of behavior. While the text's primary aim is to help students understand neurobiological information as an important component of a therapeutic framework, it also concisely addresses micro and macro anatomy as relates to neurobiology. Also included are such supplementary teaching materials as test questions and PowerPoint slides of illustrations.

Key Features:
Focuses on the connection between neurobiology and clinical presentation
Presents complex information clearly and concisely
Highlights special topics in neurobiology ethics, research, and treatment
Integrates information from imaging, neuropsychology, and genetics testing
Prepares graduate students in clinical, counseling, and school psychology for professional practice

Table of Contents
Section I. Foundations of Biological Psychology
Chapter 1. History of Neurobiology
Chapter 2. Research Methods
Chapter 3. Brain / Nervous System Structure
Chapter 4. Review of Major Systems.
Section II. Applied Biopsychology: Disorders of Cognition
Chapter 5. Childhood Disorders.
Chapter 6. Traumatic Brain Injury.
Chapter 7. Medical Disorders
Section III: Applied Biopsychology: Disorders of Emotion and Behavior
Chapter 8. Mood Disorders.
Chapter 9. Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 10. Schizophrenia
Chapter 11. Eating Disorders
Chapter 12. Sleep Disorders
Chapter 13. Substance Disorders
Chapter 14. Sexual Dysfunctions
Chapter 15. Personality Disorders
Appendix: Glossary of terms
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