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Integrated Pharmacy Case Studies 1st edition
by Sally-Anne Francis, Felicity Smith, John Malkinson, Andrew Constanti and Kevin Taylor
Book (456 Pages)
June 2015
Integrated Pharmacy Case Studies boasts over ninety individual cases based on real-life scenarios. Each case draws on the fundamental aspects of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and therapeutics within a patient-care context.

The integration of the science and practice of pharmacy is at the heart of modern pharmacy education and this book will enable you to seamlessly integrate your knowledge. With cases covering all the main conditions (as well as some of the rarer ones) you will constantly be guided and challenged as you encounter every patient.

Each case includes:
Learning outcomes
The patient
Case discussion
References and further reading
Extended learning points
As more and more courses switch to the integrated curriculum, this is an invaluable resource for both lecturers and students.
Part One: Gastrointestinal, liver and renal
Part Two: Cardiovascular
Part Three: Respiratory
Part Four: Central nervous system
Part Five: Infections
Part Six: Endocrinology
Part Seven: Malignant disease, immunosuppression and haematology
Part Eight: Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
Part Nine: Eye, ear, nose and throat
Part Ten: Skin
Part Eleven: Special cases
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